Husband Rips Wife’s Yoga Pants And Fucked


My husband and I do always yoga exercise as our bonding. We usually have it during morning inside our home with wear complete attire to before doing the session. We prepare the yoga mat and all the equipment needed to make sure that we will achieve good bodies and peaceful mind in our yoga session. As we do the yoga, my husband felt horny about me. He started complimenting me that I was so hot in my yoga attire. My yoga pants was too tight that my big ass was showing. My top was tight too that my big tits is overflowing. These are the words that he told me during the session.

I cannot do a thing anymore when he started pulling me closer to him. I do not know but I think he cannot resist his horny feeling anymore that he ripped my pants and started fingering my pussy. Because of these happenings, I was left with no choice but to surrender my body to him. I took off my top and showed him my big tits which he massaged and sucked. He removed his pants and his big dick waved on my face. I gave him a nice blowjob which he loved. We fucked each other in different positions. I think this was the best yoga I have ever experienced.

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