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Yoga is one of my favorite exercises when the season is rainy. I prepared for the day to have some yoga session. I wore my complete yoga attire with black upper and lower fits. I am performing sit-ups on my black yoga mat when my boyfriend arrived inside our home gymnasium. He said that I look so hot and sexy in my black yoga pants so he advised me to remove my pants and show my ass off so he could appreciate more the yoga. He started to finger me. He massaged my pussy through his finger which led in premature ejaculation.

I told him to stop fingering me and instead put his cock inside my pussy. He did and he fucked me during my whole yoga session. My yoga exercise became so fun and wild that we cannot resist each other anymore. He opened my leg very wide and repeatedly fucked me in different positions that we both enjoyed. I could not ask for more but to moan over and over again. He said that he will cum so I said to pull his dick out and cum all over my body. The supposed sweat that will release in our body was replaced by cum.

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